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the icontest for all animation

about this community

Welcome to toon_icontest an icon challenge for all things 'toon' related. By 'toon' we mean animated. This includes, but is not limited to: traditional or cel animation (i.e. The Lion King or The Simpsons), computer or cgi animation (i.e. Finding Nemo or Ice Age), clay-mation or stop-motion animation (i.e. Wallace and Gromit or Chicken Run). Animated characters within real/live-action settings do apply (such as Roger Rabbit or Dobby the elf), though (unless otherwise stated in the contest rules) the icon cannot contain any frames of live-action. Comics and manga are not allowed as entries in this contest; however, animated incarnations of comics/manga are allowed (i.e. Batman: The Animated Series or Inuyasha).

Creators of the community: bleuunicorn, poisonivory, singingllama
Current mod and banner maker: fire_sister

Each week, a new challenge will be posted. The challenge entries will contain the rules and a deadline. Where appropriate sample images will be provided, however unless otherwise stated you can use any images you'd like. All comments will be screened. Once winners have been announced, the comments will be unscreened and the icons are snaggable - with credit to their artists, of course!

» The challenge will be posted on Sunday
» The challenge will run from Sunday to Sunday.
» At least one reminder will be posted per challenge.
» A voting poll will be posted on Sunday & it will be open until Wednesday.
» On Thursday the winners will be announced.

the rules

» Each person is allowed to submit up to the maximum number of icons per challenge. Icon limits will be specified with each challenge. If more than the maximum is entered, all entries will be disqualified if you do not specify which ones you are actually submitting.
» All icons must meet LiveJournal standards - under 40kb and 100x100px in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
» All icons must be your personal work.
» Your can use the same picture more than once.
» Text, brushes and textures are all encouraged.
» The icons has to be new (made for this challenge).
» cons should be under a PG-13 rating. (If you are unsure as to whether your icon meets this criteria, please ask the moderators before submitting.)
» Submit your entry in HTML Code & URL format.
» You can't ask someone to vote for you.
» Don't share your icons anywhere before the challenge is over.
» All comments will be SCREENED.

If you have any questions, comment in any entry or PM one of the mods.

Member Galleries

We have some amazing talent in this community. If you'd like to visit our members graphic or icon journals please do!

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submitting & voting

When you submit your entries, do it like this:

Source = Alice In Wonderland

If needed please include any other information requested by the challenge in a similar maner (for example, V = Vision as this icon was for the alphabet challenge)

» Voting will begin generally right after the submission period ends.
» All members are welcome to vote, regardless of whether they have submitted an icon.
» You may not vote for your own icon.
» When you vote, type your top three choices into the text box provided in the order you like them.
» Your first choice will receive 3 Points, the second choice will get 2 points and the third choice will get 1 point. Example: [15,07,31] > 15 = 3 points, 07 = 2 points, 31 = 1 point.
» Votes placed after the tallies have been added will not be counted.
» Based on votes winners will place first, second, third and often some additional special places (best color, best text, best crop, etc). If there is no special places for a challenge the moderators will chooce a "sleeper hit".
» All winners will be given a personalized award banner.

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